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We offer viewers in waiting rooms attractive programs to make their wait more pleasant. Informational and educational messages from our clients with space for advertising spots are included in the broadcast. The result is an interesting and engaging television program for the viewer, and a unique opportunity for our clients to present their products and services.

Unlike other dynamic advertising media placed in shop windows, passageways or between shelves, past which the viewer just walks, in doctor’s waiting rooms the viewer primarily waits (mostly for a long time…) and therefore does not have to change his previous activity to watch the broadcast (stop walking, interrupt shopping, …). On the contrary, the program broadcast on the screen in the waiting room is a welcome distraction for him.

Advertising targeting:

  • General practitioners for adults (GP)
    500 screens = 600 000 users reached per month
  • General practitioners for children and adolescents (CP)
    400 screens = 430 000 users reached per month
  • Gynaecology
    200 screens = 200 000 users reached per month

The broadest defined target group is the entire adult population (15+), both in the waiting rooms of general practitioners and gynecologists, as well as accompanying children at pediatricians. The monthly hit amounts to over 1,250,000 viewers from this target group, which at the frequency of the spot four times an hour represents a monthly GRP (15+) of 35.3. For the three-month campaign, the reach of this target group is approx. 3,750,000 viewers and the GRP (15+) is 105.9.

A very interesting target group are women of working age (age 18-54), who make up about 40% of the audience in the waiting rooms of general practitioners, over 85% of accompanying persons at pediatricians and over 90% of visitors to gynecological surgeries. A specific target group can be children up to 15 years old (4-14) in paediatricians’ waiting rooms.

60 second broadcast time with an hour-long loop. This time can be divided up according to length of commercial used (2×30″, 3×20″, 4×15″). Broadcasts in waiting rooms are regularly repeated at hourly intervals, and are suitable for longer lengths, reports and PR.
TV advertising is registered by up to 95% of waiting visitors. 83 % of those waiting (at GPs) and 94% of those waiting (at CPs) consider the commercials a very interesting use of their waiting time.


  • Clear target group (adults 18+, strong representation of target group of women 15-65).
  • High attention to broadcast – viewers are essentially just waiting, not rushing and welcome a diversion
  • Waiting rooms see a steady supply of viewers
  • A large proportion of waiting room visitors are healthy people (regular check-ups, medical certificates, vaccinations, preventive examinations, …)
  • Can be used not just within the health sector, but also for standard consumer goods and services

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