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Exclusive and standard menu for your projects at various price levelsAll served on silver plates, special glass, marble and various shelvess so that when combined with floral decoration lookedYour event very pleasantlyIn addition to the classic hot and cold dishes, we offer to liven up the event and presentation of beef meat from South America related to the treatment before the diner.


The infinite number of meats and fish will make you an offer even cheaper price range. Offerbasic version always contains at least 12 kinds of meat and 4 types of fish fillets, 10 kinds of saladssix kinds of dressings and six kinds of bread. Meat and fish are grilled in front of guestswith expert commentary. Salads are mounted on ice and decorated with ice sculpturesThe idealform of additional culinary barbecue party is sliced cooked ham or roast beef Uruguayan beef.


Unconventional enrichment program your event commented Cooking Show with tasting. Clear for public, interesting and inspiring.


Videomapping to a round tables is a great surprise for guests. Thanks to a special stands we can get also to venues with low ceilings where is impossible to hang projectors.

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