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Regardless of the size of your project, we give it maximum care, including maintaining the given budget. Our strength lies in the fact that we react very quickly, we can arrange your corporate event even at the “last minute”. Whether it is a ceremonial opening of a production hall, a offsite meeting, a company anniversary celebration, training or a conference, we offer turnkey corporate events without any worries. We are a Prague event agency, but we organize corporate events throughout the territory of Czechia ( Brno, Ostrava … ).


Congresses are a cross between a conference and a trade fair, and usually focused more on a topic. Specialists in the field come to debate their areas of expertise (they are a particularly popular company event format within healthcare and the pharmaceutical sector). Companies often send their employees to congresses in order to learn and ascertain facts. They are also an opportunity for your employees to be considered intellectual leaders in their field, so they are a great promotional tool. They often provide firms with opportunities to exhibit, to launch products onto the market and to sponsor key areas.

Open days

Organising an open day is always a great opportunity to present the overall operations of your company to employees. They can find out about issues in departments which they don’t normally see during the course of their work, employee families can see the environment where the employee spends much of his or her time, and last but not least open days represent a unique opportunity to recruit new workers. More on Open Days

Offsite meeting

Usually a more formal company event at which key board members and shareholders come together to debate the company’s performance. Companies use these as an opportunity to present their business successes and an opportunity to reward and thank shareholders. Away days are often used for companies’ top management in order to build the team or boost creativity on neutral territory (often unique locations). More on Offsite Meeting

Official presentations

This type of company event can be either simple or complex, depending on needs. Companies use these events to create “excitement” and produce PR in regard to the introduction of something new, including products, services, buildings / offices, etc. These can be focused on various audiences, customers, media, interested parties, employees, and they often blend an educational experience with celebration. A large number of tactics are utilised to make these events more visible and spread their reach far beyond just those taking part.

Gala evenings, company parties and award ceremonies

Although these are two different types of company events, they often take place together. Official award ceremonies can be used in many ways. If they are organised by the company, they can reward and motivate employees, suppliers, salespeople and customers by providing awards in a number of categories to reward successes. Companies sponsor awards in their field in order to promote their business, boost their reputation and increase awareness of their brand. Gala evenings and parties which usually take place alongside award ceremonies can also be organised independently for all audience groups, and these are usually opportunities to align your brand better with participants and share a message with them.

Motivation programmes

Motivation programmes are often a combination of types linked to an eye-catching campaign, and are most often focused on employees and salespeople. They can begin with a sales conference at which sales and objectives are shared with the audience, giving them the opportunity to find out more about your business and products or services. This is followed by a series of company events (usually over the course of a year) at which participants are reminded of the final objectives and what is needed in order to achieve them. The programme normally ends with an incentive trip during which some or all audience members can experience an exciting and unique experience.

Company experience events

Experience events are becoming ever more popular as businesses endeavour to create closer relations with their customers. The objective is to immerse participants in the brand, and send messages via a fun and unforgettable experience. Linking positive emotions to your brand or business makes it more likely that customers will want to invest in your products or services, because they will feel emotionally attached to them.

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