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A collective meeting away from the usual location leads to better communication and a search for new ways of understanding. It often becomes the perfect tool for expanding your knowledge of your colleagues, who are a part of the team. Take them out of their comfort zones (while maintaining comfort, of course), and see what magic can happen in neutral territory.

We’re ready to arrange a turnkey off-site meeting for you, as well as recommend exclusive localities for work and relaxation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We offer a comprehensive service, from transport, through schedule, accommodation and accompanying programmes, to gifts.

Work team

Increase your employees‘ productivity in the meeting  by giving them a new place to think about projects. Your team will resolve work tasks with newly acquired energy. If your team has deep-rooted stereotypes regarding the office or the same meeting room, and is now relaxed, you’ll be surprised at the ideas you’ll hear.


Just like productivity, creativity is also increased when the brain is working in a new location. If you were ever in a routine, familiar place and then relocated – let’s say from your bedroom to a home office – you know that a small break in stereotype can be exactly what gives rise to new ideas.

Neutral territory

Maybe you’re trying to build relationships with new customers, or you have to plan the company’s future steps. Whatever the reason, people may feel much more comfortable outside the office. Because this location is new for everyone, they feel that the playing field is level.

Team building

Creating teams and camaraderie is much easier if everyone is travelling together, or if they arrive at a new destination so that they can work together. A new environment will support new friendships and strengthen long-term bonds.

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